Take control of your revenue with a simple yet versatile billing solutions.

CarePlus Billing has the perfect integrated billing software for your organization—small, large, and every size in between. With 120 point claims scrubbing, automated payment reconciliation, and an efficient workflow, our solutions save time and maximize collections. With one stop solution - CarePlus platform, you’ll experience easy billing, simplified yet comprehensive reporting, that no other software platform provides.

Care Plus Express

For Smaller Organizations

You see fewer than 2,000 claims per month.

You have one in-house billing specialists.

You bill under one taxpayer identification number.

Care Plus Enterprise

For Larger Organizations

You see more than 2,000 claims per month.

You have multiple dedicated in-house billers.

You bill under multiple taxpayer identification numbers.

Outsourced RCM Service

Do you have a large number of patients, and you need a team you can trust to take care of your billing?

Are you looking for an experienced biller to submit claims, handle denials and stay on the top of payments?

Do you need to focus on patient care and growing business peacefully?

Do you want to outsource your billing, but you want your EHR software to work in sync with your RCM service?

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