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We Offer Technology enable High Quality Services

best Billing software.

Founded in 2017 by Technology Professionals and billing experts, CarePlus Billing offers a complete suite of medical billing programs to Senior care healthcare providers.

Unlike other non-technology enabled and orthodox billing companies, CarePlus Billing offers a complete suite of Attendance (Scheduling, Check-in/Check-out), Claim batch submission and automated claim reconciliation, Automated eligibility verification, prior authorization forms, patient onboarding and set-up work-flow, extensive set of reports and MIS drilldown dashboard. We take pride in providing personalized customer care in addressing denials or any other issues, promptly and accurately in a fast and timely manner.

Unlike old fashioned billing companies that are still operating in spreadsheet world, CarePlus Billing is disrupting the Senior care billing landscape by reducing the denials ration below 1 percent, resulting in a higher than industry net collection, faster turn around of receivables and drastically improved cash-flow for our customers.

Reduce expensive errors with accurate claims.

Clean claims form the foundation of your Business’s financial health. CarePlus seamlessly connects patient documentation, scheduling, and billing workflows, so you can be sure of correct, timely claims and consistent cash flow. Plus, with seamless data transfers, you’ll never have to worry about entering the wrong patient data or wasting time on redundant-data entry.

Keep costs under control and your revenue cycle flowing smoothly with automatic pre-filing eligibility verification and claims scrubbing. Avoid disruptive rework by getting claim submissions right the first time.

medical billing services
best Billing software.

Ensure compliant and streamlined workflows.

No more calls to your Billing service provider or black-box around the data, claim status, or payments. CarePlus supports the unique billing workflows of your patients with HIPAA-compliant systems, and patient billing and invoicing (Medicaid and Private Pay).

Keep your team on track and maximize efficiency with event-triggered alerts and intelligent task routing. Boost revenue with automated secondary claims filing. Reduce days in A/R and write-offs through improved communications.

Access essential, real-time business data.

Better billing not only improves profitability and cash-flow, it gives you the intelligence you need to make timely and smart decisions. CarePlus billing solutions offer real-time access to daily, weekly, and monthly reporting. Reports including aging summary, Claims and Invoice summaries, among many others, are sortable and customizable so you can see your financial health correctly.

Understand your revenue cycle and set continuous improvement targets with clear, actionable reports. Flexible, customizable analytics and reporting filters put you in control of your data.

medical billing services